Thursday, 12 August 2010


I'm trying not to take it personally, but something is determined that I shall not be reaping the benefits of growing my own this year.  I've got a feeling it might be a squirrel with a mean streak.  I glanced out of No2's bedroom window a couple of weeks ago to see a rather fat one sitting in amongst my strawberry plants looking pleased with himself.  I can count on the fingers of one hand how many strawberries I have actually eaten from my patch.  Obviously, onions aren't quite so appealing to eat as they get strewn around the garden instead.

Luckily, the blackberries that are ripening on the fence at the bottom of the garden seem to be out of reach for my little furry friend and I have been picking a bowlful every other day and freezing them ready for when my Mum's apple trees are ready to be raided.


  1. All I can say is at least you have the blackberries!!! I have had a lot of garden failures this year so I wouldn't take your run of bad luck personally! I think I had about one strawberry from my plants, the tomatoes in the greenhouse in growbags failed to produce tomatoes despite being about 6 foot tall, the acorn squash have rotted - but I do have blackberries - yay!!!!!!!! x

  2. Im the same as Simone, a bit hit and miss with my produce too, the photos of your blackberries look great.

  3. Look at those blackberries! They look amazing! Lucy x

  4. oh no!! Squirrels are pests. We have a huge walnut tree in our garden and do you know how many walnuts we've eaten in the last three years?


    You heard me: zero.

    If I had a gun...

  5. mmh, blackberries... ours are ripening, too! the little one loves them, even though they are still quite sour!


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