Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The things that make a good holiday...

How do you measure such things?  Could it be long, sunny days?  A break from routine, perhaps?

This year, No2 and I went away with my two sisters, their other halves and their three (each) children.  That was 12 of us in all.  It was a suck it and see idea!  The seven cousins are more like siblings in their familiarity with each other - read alot of bickering and arguing at the best of times!  My clever sister found us a sprawling villa on the Algarve with a wonderful garden, pool, pool room and table-tennis to keep everyone happy.  Me?  Just give me a sunbed somewhere in the shade, perhaps some yarn, and I'm a happy camper.

So, the way I measure a good holiday would be...

...some lush flowers to photograph...

...interesting shadows to filter the heat of the sun...

...endless blue sky...

...a satisfying and wholly portable crochet project...

...perhaps a couple of sunsets thrown in for good measure...

...a sprinkling of sandy toes...

...one of my favourite creatures living in our garden...

...or two...

Ask the children though, and they would, without a doubt, say THE SPLASHING!


  1. A chameleon, a chameleon! Wow. Did he change colour? Or have I got it wrong and it's actually a skink?

  2. What an awesome photo at the end. I love it! I got a similar picture of my two doing that into the holiday pool, but it took about 10 takes - I made them keep getting out and jumping back in until I had the perfect shot!

  3. It sounds absolutely blissful !

  4. Glad you had a chance to kick back and unwind! Looks fab.

  5. Oh, look at them all jumping in! Fab picture.

    I'm glad you had such a lovely break. It does sound wonderful.

  6. Wow that sounds like a great holiday!

  7. It sounds fantastic. I love that chameleon!

  8. Oh it looks wonderful! All the sun and blue skies...and of course the crochet! K x

  9. Looks like it was a good holiday all round. Love the nail polish colour, by the way.

  10. Beautiful photo's =] What pattern is your crochet? x

  11. Looks like a very good holiday to me. Can one get a crochet hook through airport security ok ... presumably in your suitcase (sorry my question mark isn't working on my keyboard :s ) x

  12. cool nail varnish! i always take pics of mine, too!


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