Thursday, 7 April 2011


What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.


Lady Jane tulip diptic


All of a sudden, there is colour to be found in the garden.


Orange tulip diptic


I am so glad I planted more tulips last autumn.  The first ones to flower in the front garden are Christmas Exotic and they are putting on quite a show.


Tulip Christmas Exotic in front bed


Tulip Christmas Exotic open


Tulip Christmas Exotic back of petal


Other things that have been making me happy over the last couple of days:

Baby great tits cheeping from the nesting boxes.


Bird house


Finding a clump of wild garlic at the bottom of the border. A mystery as I did try to grow some last year in the greenhouse but nothing came of it…


Wild garlic clump


And, of course, white blossom against beautiful blue sky.


White blossom and blue sky


Yes, we like sitting in the garden.  It is easy to find contentment out there, in the warmth of the sun, and try to take on board the way life is taking us.


Pip on step






  1. I hope life is taking you in wonderful directions. Lovely flowers! Off to do some more digging myself...

  2. I have totally forgotten what colour the tulips I planted were - but they are popping up, so we'll see soon! I spent a blissful hour on the lawn pulling out clover this afternoon. The sun feels so good.

  3. Oh I want to come sit in your garden! And Pippin does look very contented (and quite handsome). K x

  4. Oh what beautiful tulips and blossom. Sunshine and flowers, bliss. I love, love, love your dog. Can you give him/her a big cuddle from me. :)
    Anne xx


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