Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My gallery…

I can’t believe it was way back in January that I started playing around with the layout of my photo from my swap with Mary.

I finally bought all the frames (nothing fancy, just Ribba from Ikea, but in an assortment of sizes) and then had a lesson in photo mounting from a friend.  It was just the sort of job that I love – plenty of required precision.  I knew that keeping my old square from my college days was a good idea.

Measuring mounts


I also love a bit of kit and the mount cutter was very satisfying to use.


Mount cutter




Cutting mounts


I have to confess to being stupidly pleased with how they all turned out!




And, I am just LOVING them altogether on the wall in the living room.  I LOVE the eclectic subject matter.  I LOVE the simplicity of the frame with the white mount. 

Most of all, I LOVE that they travelled a long way to grace my wall and complete my room.


Photos in living room (2)



  1. I am in awe of your precision hanging! Look at those beautiful straight lines.

    And thank goodness for Ikea - how ever did we frame things before they arrived?

  2. They look fabulous...and like Ali, I'm in awe of all that perfection in the hanging.

    I love chopping things up with precision too, it's so very satisfying.

  3. They look terrific and so professional.

  4. I think I need to hire you to come and sort out my living room walls ...

  5. Oh my gosh--they look amazing! Now when can you come over to help me with my picture hanging?! K x

  6. If you lived in Australia I might be more motivated to print my photos for myself - you could be my photo hanger!

    I love how they look - now you need to start printing some of your gorgeous photos!

  7. Wow - I love your photo wall, you deserve to be so pleased - hope you've got a chair facing the wall though because I'd not want to sit with my back to them.


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