Saturday, 9 April 2011


I always forget, so am pleasantly surprised, when I realise that for the months of February and March, if you pay by direct debit, you don’t have to pay for your monthly council tax bill.  Living in London, it is my highest monthly bill, so to get a reprieve is a real bonus.


Baby blue tit on blossom

:: baby blue tit ::

So… having a bit of spare cash and spotting a very good deal on Amazon (33% off) I treated myself to a new lens for my camera and I am LOVING it.


Blue tit (2)


I don’t know all the technical terms for photography (yet… one day… ) but I know that I can get some great shots of the birds visiting the feeders in the garden:


Robin on feeder


Robin on perch


Or helping themselves to the new buds on the blossom tree:


Robin on blossom


Pigeon in blossom


Some nicely captured sunlight on acid green new leaves:


Spring sunlight on new leaves


Spring sunlit leaves


And some more (!) shots of the white blossom at the bottom of the garden:


White blossom full flower


White blossom (2)


  1. Wow, those bird shots are amazing. I've been quite happy with my compact camera, till now!

  2. stunning photos, brilliant! glad you could treat yourself too. Happy Spring snapping x

  3. What stunning photographs - they look so professional.

  4. Now that looks like a mighty good investment indeed!

  5. Well, I think it was a good investment:) More beautiful pictures.

  6. Well that was money well spent! Love those photographs.

  7. Oh, how wonderful! Have fun!!

  8. Oh those pictures are amazing! The lens was worth every penny--unlike council taxes!

    K x

  9. wow that is one cracking lense, must save up for a new one for my camera - what lense did you go for?

  10. gorgeous! and your blossom, so much further ahead than ours......

  11. Beautiful photos!! (Did I say that on your last post? Quite possibly, but it's true!)

  12. Beauitful photos! Enjoy your new lense

  13. Heck! You make me feel like never taking another photo with my pathetic camera! You pictures are amazing - you make it sound easy but I just can't get to grips with cameras at all.

  14. Wounderful photos, that new lense gives a lovely clean and crisp image. Very nice blog.



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