Wednesday, 26 January 2011


…with a new quilting project…


A new quilt

…a photo gallery for a big blank wall in my living room, the result of my wonderful swap from last year…


Playing with pictures


…with my macro lens…


Hellebore bud


…it balances out all the other stuff.


  1. ooooh gorgeous fabrics, photos and flowers x

  2. Such beautiful colour combinations for your latest quilting project. I always love the way you put colours together.

  3. I am saving for a macro lens but in the meantime using my nifty fifty and my zoom. Those pictures will look fantastic on a wall together. x

  4. I'd forgotten how much I loved that quilt you made for the swap-one of my favourites. You're so clever a putting colours and patterns together! I struggle to put on co ordinating socks in the morning.

  5. It all looks fab. Hope we get to see The Gallery on the Big Blank Wall.


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