Wednesday, 19 January 2011


In one week they have enjoyed the warmth of the kitchen and grown up, up, up and flowered.


Paperwhites b&w

Paperwhites close-up b&w


I’ve been playing with my camera and I like them in black and white.  I love that you can see that frostiness that appears on their petals.

I also think they look much better when I’m using my flash. 


Paperwhites close-up

My kitchen always makes everything look yellow when I don’t use it.


Paperwhites without flash

Their scent is sometimes quite overpowering.  If you catch a bit of it in passing, it is delicate and fresh, but when you are sat at the table it becomes almost sickly.  Today I also brought my hyacinths out of the fridge, where I have been forcing them for the last eight weeks.  So much for a continual display… they all to compete with each other at the same time!


  1. can you change the white balance in your camera? you can totally counter act the yellow of artificial house light... when I discovered it ... it was amazing!!

  2. I have the same issue with my kitchen, you need to play around with your camera and different light settings - yes, the while balance as Monica rightly points out, that's the technical word!

  3. your paperwhites are gorgeous - love the way you've captured that sparkle on the petals. Ours are still just nudging from the soil - not surprising as I was very late planting them!

  4. Lovely. They look like they've been sprinkled with glitter.


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