Thursday, 6 January 2011

Splash of Colour…

My Christmas tree and other decorations came down today and what with the rain and dreary skies outside, it had the potential to leave the house feeling dull and uninspiring.

Amaryllis Red Lion macro (2)

Fortunately though, in my conservatory I have a very welcome splash of colour in the form of the amaryllis I planted in October.

Amaryllis Red Lion stamen macro

Only two of the four Red Lion bulbs that I planted early specifically for Christmas actually flowered in time.  The other two are yet to come, but I have been enjoying the colour nevertheless, particularly as seen through my macro lens.

Amaryllis Red Lion anthers

I think this is my favourite of the five varieties I planted.  It is Temptation and I am just loving these dramatic flowers.  It is huge and needs to be propped up against the window to stop it toppling over.


Amaryllis Temptation

Amaryllis Temptation centre


Amaryllis Temptation macro

Amaryllis Temptation petal macro


This is Apple Blossom and in spite of being planted three weeks later than Red Lion, it flowered for Christmas and is still going strong with another stem ready to take over when this one has finished.


Amaryllis Apple Blossom

Amaryllis Apple Blossom (4)


Amaryllis Apple Blossom petal macro

The other interloper to the festive flowering was Pink Passion.  It is absolutely huge and has eight flowers on it making it incredibly top-heavy.


Amaryllis Pink Passion


Finally, this is Fairytale and is going to be the last to flower.  It has the smallest of the flowers of them all but it is very tall. 


Amaryllis Fairytale buds

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  1. Wow. Seriously, thankyou for these pictures - I'm cooped up with the poorly tots and seeing your anaryllis flowers has cheered me up no end.

    Happy New Year! Hope the necklace is OK.

  2. Amaryllis - I'm a little sleep deprived

  3. Beautiful photos. What a joy it must be to see those brightly coloured flowers on a day like today. Today the World has been sepia, so good to see a splash of colour.

  4. Oh, lovely! Our decs came down today too (Tiny Small and I have just finished, but it's Mr DC's job to get them back in the loft) and I splurged on daffodils at the flower shop.

    I have to say, it is a relief to get my house back again.

  5. Wow! They're extraordinary! Very bright and funky.

  6. Absolutely stunning! I've been trying (and failing) to nurture amaryllis bulbs from previous years- I can get the green leaves but no buds... I may resort to buying one now you've reminded me what they CAN be!

  7. Wow! What a beautiful splash of colour. I love the feeling of a clear house after Christmas.

  8. oooh they are amazing. why didn't I grow any.........

  9. stunning flowers!!

    I didn't plant any this hear. Boohoo.

  10. Beautiful! I am very jealous of your macro lens!!

  11. Wow that macro lense helps you take fantastic shots! Love teh stamen photo, just stunning.

  12. Oh that is the most brilliant Splash of Colour! K x

  13. What amazing photos! I want one of those lenses! Great to see such beauty on a cold, dark, sleety day. Happy new year!

  14. Stunning photos! What a great post.

  15. beautiful.Your photos always look amazing.x

  16. I'm never quite sure whether I like amaryllis or not but seeing your photos makes me think I might be missing out! Lucy x

  17. These are gorgeous, and put me in mind of Valentine's Day -- with all of that shocking pink.

    Do you keep your bulbs from year to year?


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