Monday, 17 January 2011

Sew happy…

Aside from cooking, I also found time for some sewing this weekend. This is my favourite sewing book and I have made several things from it since I got it last year. I decided it was high time I used some of my most precious fabric and what better use than where I can see it every day when I go to my sewing room?


Sewing machine cover FMF

Having struggled first thing on Saturday morning to find any energy, the afternoon flew by with the gentle whirr of my sewing machine and the satisfying pop of my eyelet maker.


Sewing machine cover eyelet

Now I have, what I consider, a very well-dressed sewing machine! With a cheery inside too.


Sewing machine cover


Sewing machine cover inside

Can you see that new bit of kit in there?


Darning foot

My confidence is growing and after waiting for ages for this book to come, I am determined to learn how to do free-motion stitching on the machine and this darning foot is, apparently, the key.


Free-motion heart

Using a bit of scrap from a cushion that I'd finished last week, I had a little play. It is amazingly addictive and I can't wait to incorporate it in one of the many lovely projects in the book.


Free-motion sewing


  1. Whst a gorgeous sewing machine cover - I love the yellow stitching. And I'm very impressed with your free motion stitching - I haven't dared try that yet. I don't think I have the right foot. Lucy x

  2. What a lucky sewing machine - new clothes and a new foot!

    We spent the weekend sorting out our spare room and finally putting in some shelves so I might even be able to sew in there. Hurrah!

  3. new shoes and clothes for the machine... fab!!

    I want to make a cover for the mixer in the kitchen.... one day...

  4. Oh your new cover is gorgeous--and so cheery! My white plastic cover seems very sad in comparison. K x

  5. ooooh gorgeous. have fun with the new foot, it is totally addictive! xxx

    I've been wondering about buying scandinavian stitches, is it good?

  6. Your photos are lovely - I feel the same about paperwhites - sometimes the smell is over powering however I cant have them in the house or hyacinths because my husband and daughter sneeze and splutter and cough etc. I have recently learned how to free machine oh my goodness I love it, it took me ages before I got it - I didn't put the foot down for some reason - when I did I was like Eliza Higgins I actually texted my friend to say 'by jove i've got it'. I am now addicted but do wish I had another machine so i could free machine and sew things together without having to keep changing the foot because my doesn't clip on and off. (thats a bit greedy isn't it). Love your blog.

  7. Oh, excellent sewing machine cover!!


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