Sunday, 30 January 2011

January at Kew…

My monthly visit to Kew was cold!  Kristina, Nancy and myself drank steaming hot coffee before donning our hats, gloves and scarves to begin our walk.

The gardens seemed bare but full of promise.  The massive trees that had provided such an impact of autumn colour last year, were on a completely different scale to the delights of this winter day:

These were the tiniest cyclamen I have ever seen.


Kew robin and cyclamen


This little robin was incredibly tame and had I had any crumbs, he would have eaten from my hand.


Kew robin


He was hopping around, in and out of some tiny fungi, hugely interested in what we were doing!


Kew tiny fungi


I couldn’t resist getting my camera right down into the thick of things.


Kew, down with the fungi


Colour wise, these cornus were the stars of the show. 


Kew red cornus

I have some of the red ones in my front garden but I will definitely be on the look out for these amazing orangey/pink ones.


Kew orange cornus

Or perhaps some yellow or green ones.  They added a welcome burst of colour and texture to the gardens.


Kew yellow cornus


Kew red and green cornus (2)


  1. Oh, you got such lovely pictures of the sweet robin! Kew without so many leaves and flowers was still so full of great things to see.

  2. There's a little life showing...

  3. Sounds like a lovely day out. Great photos of the robin.

  4. aaahh I want that Robin in my garden, isn't he cute! Lovely photos.

  5. out in the cold for a walk? you're mad!!!

  6. Oh you got the best pictures of the robin! Fingers crossed for slightly warmer weather for our February visit...

    K x

  7. Your robin photos are delightful! Lucy x

  8. Your robin photo really is one of the best I have ever seen. I'd kill to be as close to a robin as that. The one in my garden can be such a nervous little thing. x


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