Wednesday, 21 July 2010


This is the finished quilt on the deck...

...hanging on the pergola...

...folded up on the chair!

It was a special commission and I really hope I have interpreted it satisfactorily. 

I used an Ikea fabric for the back - it was something completely unplanned but I had a moment of quilting serendipity while in there with a friend who was choosing some cushions.  I love that! 

The reason I used the Finca threads to do some of the hand-quilting was so it would add some colour to the back of the quilt and I'm really pleased how it turned out.

The quilt pattern is Canasta from Oh, Fransson!  I love Elizabeth's quilts and this is the first time I have used one of her patterns.  It was extremely well written and easy to follow.  This is the Natural Canasta pattern although I decided not to use any solids as suggested in the pattern (can you believe, I'm yet to use a solid in a quilt?) because I had selected the fabrics way before I decided on the pattern.  I still love using lots and lots of different fabrics from all over the place and pulling them together cohesively (hopefully!).  I did make a concession and use some solid red for part of the binding.

I don't think grey has ever really featured heavily in anything I've made before either and I love the way it sits with all the other colours effortlessly.  I used a grey thread for the main hand-quilting.

I fussy cut the dragonfly for the block above so that Mary will remember who made it!  You might remember me posting about finding the perfect fabric for this project a while ago.

Yes, this quilt is going to Australia.  The Blue Mountains, to be precise.  You see, Mary and I struck a deal.  She has always paid me such wonderful compliments on my previous quilts that I felt I would really like to make her one.  I have always loved her photography and so we have entered into a swap.  12 months, one quilt for a photo a month!  Done!

I am now the lucky owner of some stunning photographs which I have been framing and looking for inspiration to find a way to hang them in my living room.  I'm thinking something like this, perhaps.  I am exercising every ounce of patience I possess to wait until our 12 months is up and not be tempted to make a start because I just know I will want to swap things about!

Mary, I do hope you like it!  It will be on its way to you soon.  And I'm sorry for the relentless teasing ; )


  1. it's truly gorgeous, she's going to LOVE it x

  2. May I just say....that is one GORGEOUS quilt. You did a truly wonderful job pulling the colors together and your hand-quilting is awesome.

  3. A spectacular and stunning quilt! Well done!

  4. I am overwhelmed - I have never seen a more beautiful quilt! Truly..

    I am so looking forward to seeing all the wonderful details.

    And I love that my bees and your dragonfly will be together forever in this way...

    Thank you with all my heart

  5. It's gorgeous!!! What a swap, sounds very exciting!!!

  6. That beautifully featured dragonfly is an inspired touch!

  7. Breathtaking - I want to peer at it!

  8. How absolutely gorgeous! It makes me wish I could take amazing photos to swap with you too............!!! ;o)

    Lucy xxx

  9. I'm very behind with all your posts! This is just stunning, I'm sure Mary will be over the moon!


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