Thursday, 1 July 2010


...and another challenge.  Seeing as it has been six whole months since I did NaBloPoMo way back in January, I am going to give it another go.  The theme for July is SAVED.  This is what the brief is: 

This month we want you to tell us about the things you've kept, rescued, or otherwise prevented from being lost forever.

I have, for various reasons, been unable to blog regularly for the past couple of months in spite of having lots of things that I've wanted to share.  So, with the idea of those things being prevented from being lost forever, I will try to gain a bit of momentum through the next 31 days.

Today things changed dramatically due to the fact that I took delivery of a new laptop for No2, who has been hogging mine for ages now - I have missed the internet!

All that remains is to find a suitable picture to accompany this post and the challenge can begin... about this one for starters?  New house rules!  Not really sure how long any of them can last...


  1. Oh blimey, don't stick to those rules - you'll go mad!

    Good luck with the blogging ...

  2. I obviously live in a house of disrespect! (I hope you do too!)

  3. No, ditch the rules, and get dancing and singing in the garden!!

    Hope your Dad is still making good progress.

    D x

  4. enjoy the challenge xox

    at the the workshop on went on the tutor said no sighing, but you could swear as much as you wanted. clearly disrespectful!

  5. No singing and dancing? Oof! Strict!

    I do hope you are managing to have a little fun x


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