Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Waterlily House...

I took my Mum and Dad to Kew today to see what July had to offer and I have to say, it all looked a bit parched!  Look at that strip of grass between the lavender beds, it's as dry as a bone!

My highlight was the Giant Waterlilies in the Waterlily House.  When Kristina and I visited in April, these magnificent leaves were nowhere to be seen, but now they are well and truly living up to their name.

They are dwarfing the stunning waterlily flowers which have been out for some months now.

Hibiscus flowers always remind me of summer holidays - wherever it is hot and sunny, there are usually hibiscus flowers.

The chillies were also relishing the warmth and humidity of the Waterlily House.


  1. Those waterlilies are enormous...they remind me of fluted flan tins! (is that just me being weird?!)

  2. So glad your Dad is well enough for an outing - and I'd imagine Kew was the perfect tonic.

  3. I think the waterlilies look like giant upturned bottle caps!!! I love Kew whatever the weather even though I don't get to go very often. That parched strip of grass looks like my garden!

  4. The lavendar is amazing. I hope your mum and dad enjoyed the outing.

  5. Wonderful waterlillies. I've tried nurturing baby versions in the pond here but have never had any success.

  6. How fab that your dad was well enough to visit Kew - even if it is dried out!


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