Thursday, 22 July 2010

Change of plan...

So, last year I embarked on my biggest crochet project to date.  A Babette Blanket.

As is always the case, I seem to get fixated on a yarn and a pattern and then try and bring them together in the hope that things work out.

This mixture didn't.  I started off enthusiastically, but the bigger the blanket grew, the heavier it became.  And I mean heavy!  So it all got neatly tucked into a basket and slowly became forgotten about.  Then, a few weeks ago, the guilt of having such a lot of yarn potentially going to waste got the better of me and so I refreshed my memory with what I had done so far and as I was laying out all my blocks on the sofa it struck me that this one was the exact size of the big cushions on the sofa!  It was a light bulb moment.  I started to rehash the other blocks (on my Dad's hospital bed!) to make a pair of cushion fronts.

Over the last few weeks, in between quilting, gardening and taking parents out on day trips, I have been crocheting the back of the first cushion using the remainder of the yarn.  I still love the back of the granny square cushion I made No2 last year so that's the path I have been going down for the first one.  But have a slightly different plan for the second one, which is yet to be started.

My plan for the weekend is to get the first one finished and let the big sofa revamp begin!


  1. I love the colours of your yarn.
    Can't wait to see the cushions

  2. my babette continues to languish.


  3. I really am excited about your random sizes of crochet squares, fitted together like a lovely mosaic. Oof.

  4. A babette is the only form of granny blanket I'd ever contemplate - but there's no chance of me ever managing one! Your cushions are going to be lovely.

  5. It sounds like an excellent plan!

  6. So gorgeous! And it will look perfect as a cushion. K x


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