Thursday, 29 July 2010


I took 2 of my nieces to Whipsnade today.  I never turn down an opportunity to visit the zoo, as you know!

Needless to say, I'm shattered but just wanted to share a few photos of our day.  What's not to love about ring-tailed lemurs?

This one looks like he's thinking about important stuff (like dinner time!)

And this one wanted to make sure his very impressive tail was in tiptop condition as there was woman with a camera about a foot away!

We loved the way that they like to sit in a line, with their arms and tails wrapped around each other.

We also loved the way these 2 hippos opened their mouths for a drink from the hose that the keeper was using to clean out their paddock!

I hope I never grow tired of visiting the zoo.  The animals continue to fascinate me just as they have since I was a child and wanted to be a zoo-keeper when I grew up...


  1. I love the lemurs, and what great photos!

  2. If you love lemurs you should try to get to Drusillas in East Sussex - they have a walkthrough lemur enclosure and you can get really close!

  3. oooh lemurs, such cuties xoxo

    love them in Madagascar where they sing I like to move it move it.

  4. You got some great pictures of the lemurs, but I can't resist the angle of that hippo shot. What funny looking creatures they are!

    (So sorry to hear about the loss of your chicken.)

  5. oh those lemurs - they make me happy the way meerkats do...

  6. Those are some big mouths catching water from the hose!

  7. I like Whipsnade as it's one of those good zoos where the animals have lots of room. Looks like you had a great time - the pictures are lovely!


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