Monday, 5 July 2010


A wheelbarrow full of colour can work magic when a particularly grim part of the garden looks like this:

I have tried and tried to get a box hedge growing along this little curved border in front of my hammock, but someone thinks it is the perfect place to cock his leg (not mentioning any names...).  An hour spent on a kneeling pad with a fork and actually crumbling the heavy soil between my fingers and it was getting there:

Add in the goodies and a not-so-grim place is created.

It is fairly shady and the soil is heavy, so I think the hostas will do ok.  I had absolutely no resistance in buying those zingy orange zinnias.

PS. Here is the culprit!


  1. It looks lovely! But will the culprit be prepared to cock his leg elsewhere now?!?!?! Lucy xx

  2. Instant prettiness! Though if you want an all-season alternative, I replaced some box which had not withstood football playing boys, with miniature hebes - same pleasing small leafed roundness, but tough as old boots and grows in the shade.

  3. a definite improvement - looks like it will be a lovely colourful little border. I hope it doesn't get sprinkled on like the box hedge!

  4. Hmmm, what a cheeky monkey! And what a pretty border!

    I second Ali with the hebe recommendation - and they survive at the school pool with chlorinated water chucked over them so that naughty pup might have a challenge ...


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