Saturday, 31 July 2010

One done, one to go...

I actually managed to finish one Babette cushion and it is brightening up my sofa as I type. 

I'm loving the back almost as much as the front, just as I did with this one.

There is something I find hugely satisfying about chunky treble crochet stripes.

I used some more buttons from my button jar for the closure - nice and chunky like the yarn.

I'm so glad this hasn't gone to waste, I have plans for the other 5 cushions on the sofa.  Oh yes.  Some more crochet and some quilted.  A plan!

Just need to finish off the other one now...

My mind is ticking over  with plans for a Babette-style quilt... more sleepless nights, I fear!


  1. It's absolutely stunning! Where did you get the pattern? Or did you make it up? I'm sure you have already told us but my brain is tired and I can't remember! Lucy x

  2. It's lovely. Much lovelier than a blanket, I reckon.

  3. It's beautiful. Both the front and the back.

  4. Ok well, now you are making my head explode. I need, NEED to make some cushions for a new futon and have a ton of wool in my stash. I've got a lovely African flowers pattern and am ready to go. But how by jiminy did you do the back of yours? The buttons and - lord, well everything. I would love to have a go and can find nothing as nice as this online.

    You are so clever I shall have to steal all your crochet hooks to find out if they're imbued with magical properties.

  5. Oh I love those squares! K x

  6. Oh the cushion works so well ! You have almost inspired me - but I just feel so


  7. I love the cushion! I have never came across this pattern before.
    I must agree with you and the treble stitch is one of my favourites, maybe because I have 2 blankets made by my mum that I use all year around.
    Were did you get the Babette pattern?

  8. that is sooooo beautiful!!

    I want one.


  9. It's really gorgeous and very inspirational (I definitely want to try and make one). Next time we meet I plan to quizz you on your joining squares and finishing techniques - they're flawless!

  10. Your cushions are beautiful, just so pretty!

  11. This makes me feel all melty. I love it and want to rush around looking for my crochet hook...but that is something I will not be doing until I FINISH THE HEXAGON QUILT..


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