Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Wall...

Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday, they were truly appreciated.


Today something arrived in the post that has cheered me up no end.  I have a date in my diary for next year to go and watch Roger Waters perform The Wall at the O2 and I can't wait.  I bought the tickets a while ago and wasn't really expecting to get them until a few weeks before the event.

I love Pink Floyd and was lucky enough to see them at Earls Court about 15 or 16 years ago.  Roger Waters was no longer with them, so this will complete my Pink Floyd experience.  My favourite song of all time is Comfortably Numb which comes from The Wall.  Whenever I mention my love of Pink Floyd, most people say "what? Another Brick in the Wall?" which is, for me, the worst song ever from them.  I would consider that I have a pretty diverse taste in music but I have remained loyal, and still listen to regularly, Pink Floyd.  Roger Waters has made some brilliant solo albums too, which feature on my most played list on my iPod.


  1. I'm not a Pink Floyd fan but even I can see that this is going to be a very big deal. I'm glad you're going to be able to go - make sure you tell us all about it afterwards!

  2. I am glad you had something cheery in the post! You deserve it!!!

  3. Oooh I remember you buying these tickets! K x


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