Saturday, 3 July 2010

A promise...

...of something spectacular to come.  My agapanthus is in bud.  I'm sure I can see them growing before my very eyes.

I have had a productive day.  A bit of cooking in preparation for a family lunch tomorrow.  A bit of gardening (weeding that pesky back border again).  A bit of relaxing.  A bit of crochet.   A good day.  Finished off with a glass (or two) of something pink and chilled.  How was yours?


  1. Your day sounds very good. I'm so glad.

    Snap! I didn't think my Agapanthus was with us - there were a few half-hearted-looking leaves and that was it. I'd plonked it in a gap in a flowerbed. Today I discovered three buds! I was ecstatic. I've been tidying the garden ready for Open Studios. A good day here too x

  2. I look forward to seeing your Agapanthus in flower! I remember your back border from last year!!!

  3. A good day indeed. I like those days where there's nothing major to report on but you're left with a feeling of satisfaction at the end of it. (The day here ended with a barbecue and a bottle of the white stuff).

  4. yep, that's pretty much my definition of a good day. Look forward to seeing your agapanthus in full bloom. Enjoy your family lunch today.

  5. we have the promise of agapantus flowers too ~ all very exciting!
    glad you had a lovely saturday. we have had a strange weekend when all plans have been changed last minute. good to be at home though.

  6. sounds like a good day indeed. we had a day of visiting relatives, and splashing about in the river, and then I endulged in watching pride and prejudice, a good day too xxx


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