Saturday, 17 April 2010

My garden #7...

Progress has been made today... took me the best part of three hours to weed The Back Border...

...I'm two thirds of the way there...

...perhaps another hour or so in the morning and I'll have done it!

Actual plants were uncovered! Delphiniums, iris, aquilegia, astrantia and my lovely alliums.

I had several robins giving me a hand in clearing the grubs from the disturbed soil.  Look at his mouth, full of worms!

They were incredibly tame, sometimes mere inches away from where I was working.

The tulip bulletin of the day is that upstart from the fragrant collection flowered today - delicate pink, white and lime green streaks.

And the Lady Jane have been sunbathing again.  Angelique are ready to burst into flower.

I feel well and truly inspired to spend more time out in my garden now - it's amazing what a bit of blogging can do for motivation.

Hope you're having a good weekend too!  Time for a glass of well-deserved wine, I think...


  1. Your garden is really coming along nicely and look at all those hidden plants that you have uncovered from the back border! I have a little robin friend in the garden too. They do get so eerily close! x

  2. looks like you deserve that wine, and look at all those great plants you found. I recommend lots of mulch to keep down any new weeds and then sit back at wait for the delphiniums to flower xxx

  3. Lovely lovely LOVELY!

    Have a well-deserved rest after all that graft.

  4. So impressed with all your industry! Looks fantastic. I'd trade our allotment for your back garden any day! K x

  5. i have been enjoying your garden posts and your motivation... hopefully it will rub off on the rest of us.
    i also love how robins come and 'help'.
    Happy Sunday and enjoy your glass of wine!

  6. You have been working hard and with such colourful company. Have you noticed much damage in the garden after the harsh winter? I've been pottering in ours and sadly we've lost a few shrubs, not to mention the pots that have disintegrated.

  7. Wow. That tulip is just beautiful. I can't even imagine the gardening skills required to receive that prize!

  8. Your robins are gorgeous! I'm so jealous! My friend has one that often comes into the house - he loves cheese apparently! Lucy x


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