Monday, 12 April 2010

My garden #2...

Now that the path and terrace have been swept, I can wander around my garden with my camera.  This little path curves down to a quarter-circle terrace in the bottom right-hand corner.  My Dad laid the bricks and followed the curve of the conifer that you can see.  This is where, in the summer, I hang my hammock.

I love those tiny narcissi.  They tend to get a bit battered as both Pippin and the chickens regularly rampage through them to the dusty space beneath the tree.  I really need to jet-wash the path as it is deadly when it's wet!

At the far end of the path, euphorbia (could be this one!) is spreading along nicely, of its own accord.  I love the acid green of the flowers, especially contrasting against the yellow of the narcissi.

Up on the deck, I have a pot in which the anemones I planted last year are coming up again.  This time, peeking through amongst these cheerful blue pansies.

 These pansies have survived the harshest of winters and still look wonderful!


On the troublesome left-hand side of the garden, I had a lovely cherry blossom tree that seemed to have died off a couple of years ago, due to the dry ground on that side of the garden.  Or so I thought.  Last autumn when I did a token tidy-up, I cut it down to just an 18" high stump which I didn't round to digging out.  I'm glad I didn't:

It seems this delicate little tree still had a bit of life left in it and when I ventured out in the garden again this year I was surprised to see a whole new lot of growth, complete with blossom!

Finally, if you look about, it is very easy to see who's garden you're in...


...dragonflies dotted around all over the place.  


Note:  I have linked some plants to Crocus - I can highly recommend this company, particularly if you are looking for a particular plant.  The website also has some good ideas for finding plants for certain positions.


  1. I need to get the pressure washer out too. Though that's where the similarities between our gardens ends. Yours is so lovely. Mine is shaggy. And covered in dead leaves.

  2. Ah, it's gorgeous. I swept my paths yesterday too, but my garden still doesn't look like yours!

  3. I planted violas for the winter in pots by the front door.When they appeared to be finished i gave them a clip and amazingly they have flowered again ,even better than the first time.Love the pictures of your garden.Isn't it great to get outside again.

  4. Lovely garden- how do you stop the chickens eating everything?? And a passion for dragonflies too- a woman after my own heart!

  5. I am yet to post about it but just wanted to let you know that my very beautiful mobile has arrived safe and sound - I adore it!


  6. You have such an amazing garden! So super about the cherry blossom! And I was just admiring Jo's euphorbia this weekend--I really think we should get some for the plot. I love green flowers. K x

  7. That pansy photo is beauitful and crying out to be made into a quilt...


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