Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My garden #3

I love bulbs.  I don't particularly like planting them and more often than not, I'm always a bit late.  But last autumn I made an effort and put lots of new ones in and around the garden.  The Lady Jane  tulips are flowering today. 

When in bud, they are so slender and thin and then when the sun shines on them, they open out and bask in it.

They are impossibly photogenic.

This evening, they are tightly closed again.

The tiny anemone bud in yesterday's post opened today too.  After tulips, anemones are my favourite flower.

I'm going to feed my pots to try and encourage plenty of flowers this year.  It's this sort of gardening that I just don't ever get round to doing, but I've got a bottle of organic seaweed feed in the shed so I may as well use it up.  It gives a distinct seaside smell to the garden for  a while!

Can I ever have too many favourites?  I hope not because I love muscari too.  These ones are in the window-box outside my kitchen.

Just in case anyone is thinking my garden is a showpiece, allow me to show you some other bits.  I cover up my tubs and pots with chicken-wire through the autumn and winter when the chickens have free roam of the garden.  Once the bulbs start to come up, I remove it.  But do I tuck it away out of site until next year?

No - I sling it to the side amongst the hosepipe and dog bowls (and chickens!) where I keep telling myself I will put it away again... in a minute...

Then there's the broom.  Same! 

At least I'm never lonely out there.  I have two constant companions that follow me about in the hope that I have a pocket full of corn.


  1. oh those tulips are so lovely, and your hens are the cutest xxx

  2. That is a gorgeous tulip. I'm with you on anemones - definitely a favourite although I didn't mange to plant mine! As for muscari, there's something Holly Hobby-ish about those little skirts isn't there? Lovely.

  3. Still looks pretty tidy to me. Those tulips are gorgeous- I've never seen them before. More photos of your lovely hens please- what are their names?

  4. Your flower photos are stunning and your hens look gorgeous - I miss having my chickens trotting around the garden!

    P.S. How did you do your lovely header photo?

  5. Such beautiful photos (and flowers)! I think we may need to plant some new bulbs this autumn, as not so many have come up this year... K x

  6. I'm so with you...

    tulips and anemones...



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