Saturday, 7 November 2009

Out with the old...

It felt almost criminal to pull up my pink geraniums while they still had a few flowers brightening up my deck, but I had bulbs to plant as a priority this year having not got round to it last autumn and regretting it this spring.

As you can see the geraniums I kept inside are still flowering - who knows, maybe I can keep them going until next year.

There is still an abundance of dahlias at my local nursery for the picking and these ones looked like they were enjoying this November morning sun.

It's all looking pink in my conservatory with these lilies too...

Unintentionally, I have managed to keep the colour scheme consistent for the coming spring!

I planted 2 varieties of tulips in the planters to string out the flowering period a bit and made a hasty exit from the garden centre when I was only charged £8 for £24-worth of bulbs!

Once they were in, I put some festive looking (sorry!) white pansies and red cyclamen on top for a bit of instant colour.

I love the variegated leaves of cyclamen. These pink ones are for one more tub just outside my back door and that's my lot now til next year. Well, apart from a bit of general tidying up...


  1. I love cyclamen. I've given up trying to keep them going year to year - in my last garden they grew likke weeds but they don't seem to like the current one for some reason.

    I have bags of tulips to plant and I really need to get my act together or they'll be an incredible waste of money!

  2. Every one of those beauties is an exotic where I live. Beautiful.

  3. All available to me in the mountains and things I love as well.

    My garden is ablaze with geraniums, salvias, rhododendrons and violas.

  4. So much gorgeous color! Where I am at the moment everything is orange and brown! K x


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