Saturday, 28 November 2009

Seriously good cake...

If you've got a couple of sad looking apples in the fruit bowl that nobody wants to eat, here's just the cake.

It is Seriously Good Cake.

From this book. My copy is now well used, particularly in the loaf chapter.

The recipe suggests making it the night before you want to bake it, just leaving it in the fridge, but I'm not really sure why this is! Any suggestions? It is delicious eaten when still warm with a big mug of tea or coffee and stays nice and moist for a good week. I used a mixture of flaked almonds and chopped hazelnuts - it's great to use up any bits and pieces in the baking cupboard and the last bits of jam that seem to always seem to be lurking in the back of the fridge in spite of new jars being opened.
I didn't really need any more baking books, but I was powerless to resist this:

Check out the malted cupcakes for Fathers Day - YUM!


  1. Oh that's another reasson I need to buy the Hummingnird cookery book - but PLEASE don't publish anything from the Primrose one as my cookery book shelf can't take much more!

  2. seriously? you think it's a good book? I heard so many mixed reviews...

    I made the apple/cinnamon loaf from 'Apples for Jam'.

    And ate the whole lot.

    My myself.

    I'm disgusting.

  3. Two more cook books I am tempted by!x

  4. I've had mixed success with the Hummingbird book, but perhaps this recipe will win me over. Looks yummy. Which other recipes would you recommend?

    And I'm completely in love with the Primrose book. Definitely a good buy!

    K x


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