Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Through the keyhole...

My living room has always been a calm Kelly Hoppen inspired room. A room where taupe is the predominant colour that gives a neutral background to the carefully chosen things in there. It has always been an 'adult' room, laid out for talking and reading as well as watching tv: an oasis of peace and good taste (at least, I like to think).

It houses my most favourite books in a bookcase that I had in my bedroom as a child.

There are two wooden elephants that I fell in love with in a shop in Warwick and had to buy.

There are shelves of old magazines that I don't seem to be able to get rid of. They were my bibles when I was working.

When I first left home and bought my first house, my Dad gave me a stuffed little owl as a house-warming present. An unusual choice you may think, but he was a great collector of taxidermy and it seemed the most natural thing in the world. I now have 3 owls in my living room but this one remains my favourite and is always a good talking point.

There are carefully chosen soft accessories - with all-important textural details.

And the family piano, sadly no longer played.

In this post, I mentioned that my parents were in the process of moving house. They are down-sizing and so there are things that need to be got rid of or found new homes for. One such item has been made a space for in my oasis.
It will give the room another dimension. A sort of party atmosphere...

I have been sorting through boxes, reminiscing, waiting for a new arrival, coming via Hampshire where it's been for a bit of refurbishment and restoring.

Can you guess what it is?


  1. I have boxes of records in various attics waiting for someone to get a record player again ...

  2. I'm guessing a jukebox... because I've always loved the idea of having a jukebox!

  3. Ah I love the owl!!!! That definitely was a unique gift!

  4. a proper record player with a lovely stylus... oh how i miss them!
    i wish my living space was an oasis of calm... well actually ... i just wish it was clean and tidy a little more often.
    wishing you a lovely day,
    ginny x

  5. A record player?! I have still got mine and really should put it to use again. Sometimes the fluff would build up so much on the needle! The owl is beautiful if not a little eerie! x

  6. Uh-oh - I'm thinking juke box! I am concerned that the owl may not look so calm in the near future.

  7. record player!

    Now I want to see more of your special room!


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