Sunday, 8 November 2009

Out to lunch...

I'm off out for lunch to my parents.

They are in the process of moving house so the stress level is tangible.

Hopefully apple and blackberry pie will comfort everyone.

Personally, I cant' wait for a rock bun for tea.

Although I know that my sister prefers banana loaf.

I've had a busy morning! There is also a bag of parsnips and sweet potatoes from my box to roast...


  1. How could anyone feel stressed with such delicious treats. Yum! K x

  2. Yummy. I'm making gingerbread this afternoon, which gives me all the same autumnal feelings as your recipes do!

  3. You look like you've been very busy indeed! All looks very tasty!

  4. I am compelled to leap up from the sofa and bake good things. I blame you.

  5. You are a very good daughter.

  6. oh my goodness!

    how gorgeous... are you going into the baking business?


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