Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Actually, not One Skein...

I felt the need to crochet or knit something for myself, just a quick project because I was desperate to use this yarn. I bought it in John Lewis Oxford Street a couple of weeks ago.

I had a browse through Ravelry and hit on a pattern that by luck I happened to have and in one of my favourite books. The great thing about Ravelry is that you can find patterns made up in different yarns to that stated in the pattern with amazing results. The scarf in the book was (to me) totally uninspiring and more of a short cravat-type affair. I needed a longer, softer scarf so I used 2 balls instead of 1.

The thing I love about crochet is that with just a few basic stitches used in different combinations you come up with such wonderful patterns. Added together with the most gorgeous multi-coloured yarn and what's not to love?

This scarf hardly took any time to make and was perfect for biding a couple of dark evenings away with a big hook in hand.

It looks so lovely on my weathered garden furniture don't you think?

And goes perfectly with a dress I bought on aforementioned shopping trip!

Scarves are going to be accessory of the season for me as I am going into hospital on Friday (the 13th...I know...don't even go there...) to have a hemi-thyroidectomy which will leave a scar on my neck which I will be doing my best to conceal until it becomes less noticeable. Hopefully, I will be able to come home on Saturday with half a thyroid gland that I am hoping will be able to manage my thyroid hormone production without the need to take a replacement.

It will be my first time in hospital as a patient (other than having the boys) and I am a tad nervous about the anaesthetic as I've never had a general either. For the best part of this year I have been up and down to an endocrinologist about a cyst that has grown in my throat. I had it biopsied (it was benign) and aspirated twice but it is persistently reforming so surgery is my last resort.

Luckily, there is a coffee shop round the corner that I can send my visitors out for a gingerbread latte while I'm lording it up in bed... I am dying for a cup of coffee as I'm off it this week while I'm taking some arnica to help with bruising. I didn't ever consider myself hooked on caffeine but it may be true. Roll on Saturday!


  1. Oh goodness. Will be thinking of you on Friday. And best wishes for a very speedy recovery! The scarf is absolutely gorgeous. K x

  2. Gosh, I'm not surprised you're feeling a little apprehensive - but I'm sure all will be well and I hope the surgery sorts everything out for you.

    Your scarf is quite delicious!

  3. wishing you all the very best for Friday, and for a speedy recovery.
    your scarf is beautiful oxox

  4. The scarf is gorgeous and the colour matches beautifully with the garden bench and your dress too! It will soon be Saturday and friday will be a distant memory! I will be thinking of you. x

  5. General anaesthetics are a little bit scary...but good!

    I am sure all will be well. You will look lovely in that beautiful autumn scarf!

    Best wishes, N xx

  6. Good luck - you might be interested to know that I have a friend who had a very similar operation and you cannot see a scar now. Make sure that you take time to rest and recuparate afterwards.

  7. Hope it all goes well on Friday. Beautiful scarf!

  8. Good luck Tracy! It will be fine. The scarf is GORGEOUS! xx

  9. I will be thinking of you ..all the very best for Friday..

    and scouring the internet for the pattern for that scarf..

  10. Your scarf is beautiful. And I will keep you in my thoughts on Friday.

    Do they have wifi in hospital? Blogging is always a tonic.

  11. I am stays are truly not a favorite thing here with me. But, I will say this...your scarf is lovely and, well, I hope all goes well for you. Hope you get lots of gingerbread lattes. MMmmmm, that sounds so good right about now!

  12. Fingers crossed for today Tracy, hope all goes well. Love your scarf!
    D x

  13. hey good luck!!

    (I got married on the 13th and it hasn't been bad so far...)

    get better soon.

  14. Hello missy, hope you're feeling better by now-and that you're home by now, wrapped up in thaat fabulous scarf! goodness me, you are doing well on the crochet front aren't you? I seem to remember another fabulous scarf that you made last year.
    I have White Stuff new clothing envy, by the way...!!x

  15. If cyst in thyroid is benign and does not have many compartments in it, the PEI [ethanol injection] treatment can be performed after aspiration to prevent reoccurrence of the cyst. This method was initially tried for all thyroid lesions but used to be most effective against the cysts. You may discuss this procedure with your doctor. Best of luck!!

  16. It is a lovely scarf and all the best for a quick recovery.


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