Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Being (a) patient...

Thank you for your get well comments. My surgery went well and I came home on Saturday as planned. All my worries about having a general anaesthetic were unfounded and my care was amazing. Other than a bit of a stiff neck due to the swelling and some initial pain on swallowing, I'm feeling fine but tired.

I managed to cast on another pair of socks from my (fancy, electric) hospital bed much to the interest of virtually everybody who came into my room! Much more interesting than the surgical stockings I had to wear the whole time!

Back at home I can while away this week doing what I like doing best - hand-quilting. I prepared a quilt before I went in. It is the last one for my nieces' Christmas gifts. I am waiting for the low November sun to move round a bit so I can photograph Tia's one out on the deck. I finished it last week. I gave a sneaky peek in this post and hopefully, I'll be able to show you in all it's pink and green glory tomorrow.

So, I'm waiting patiently to be back up to speed with things. And behind the wheel of my car - I don't like being stuck indoors very much. I look out of my conservatory door and tell myself that there is no point sweeping up leaves when there is still this tree-full to come down yet!

I'm so glad I made my scarf - I'll be needing it! Look away now if you're squeamish!


  1. Have been thinking of you since your last post. So happy to hear you're feeling so much better already! And amazed how productive you've been post-surgery: I have no excuses now! K x

  2. glad to hear the surgery went well and i wish you a good recovery. i am hypothyroid so if you do need to take replacement therapy i wanted to reasure you that it is pretty straight forward once you are on the correct dose.
    happy crafty convalescing
    ginny x

  3. My goodness me! That is some scar you have there! I think you are very brave. I am glad that it is over for you and that you were well cared for. x

  4. Glad it all went well and worry not - in no time at all that scar will fade to unnoticeable - until then it's turning into scarf weather by the minute

  5. Oooh... that looks sore but glad all went well. Your socks are a gorgeous colour.

  6. so glad it went well.

    have you heard of bio oil, it's meant to help fade scars xxx

    take care, don't too much x

  7. I am so glad that you are safely out and about. It looks as though you will be featuring scarves for a while but I am quite sure that the scar will fade until it can barely be seen.

  8. Ouch!
    my mum had one and her scar is almost invisible now.
    Get well soon.

  9. OOOOWCH!!! that looks sore! Can see why you thought a scarf would be a good idea! I think you need a silk one, nice and soft. Glad the surgery went well and hope you are back to speed very soon. It's nice to convalesce but it's nice to not be convalesing too! It's a strange world isn't it! xx

  10. Good grief, woman, how impressive is THAT?!!I do so like to see a proper war wound. If you're going to do it. do it in style!!V.cool indeed.
    Hope you're feeling much better-I LOVE the quilt in the other post,it's beautiful, and puts my sorry excuse of a quilt to shame!


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