Thursday, 15 April 2010

My garden #5...

I've talked about my favourite flowers this week of garden-related posts and today I want to share my favourite shrub - amelanchier or snowy mespilus.

I have had one in every garden I've ever had.  It's one of those plants that gives, what the garden experts say, 'year-round interest'!

In February it starts making buds that get longer and longer through March...

...until they are fit to burst in April.  It is a prolific flowerer.

It looked stunning against yesterday's blue sky.

The flowers, when they open, are so delicate.

It always seems that they get blown away immediately and the garden looks like it's been snowed upon.  Through the summer, it is dressed from top to bottom in perfect oval leaves which, come the autumn, turn to all shades of red. It is then full of small black berries that are loved by the birds, especially blackbirds, who greedily eat them.

I've had this one for 8 years now and it is a lovely height without being overbearing.  My perfect shrub.


  1. ooo - I've got one of those!

  2. my neighbours Amelanchier tree borders our garden and is stunning... we get the snow as it always drifts our way. i so agree it is a beautiful tree.x

  3. Beautiful! I want one! Enjoying your garden posts, too.

  4. Never seen one before- ooooh want one!! Not till after the chickens though- Lovely phtography by the way - especially the one against the blue sky- lucky you -we have only had grey grey and a bit of grey here for days


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