Sunday, 11 April 2010

My garden #1...

My poor neglected garden has been worked on, at last.  I have made a big decision and decided to give up my allotment.  I realise I have more than enough to contend with in my garden without the added stress of trying to keep a plot up to scratch too.  Oddly, having made my mind up, I feel more inspired to actually do something outside my own back door.

So, my grass has had its first cut of the year.  That alone, makes everything look tidier.  If you ignore the back border...

This morning, my raised beds looked like this:

This evening, they look like this:

My back hurts!  But, I have lots of lovely new strawberry plants (in the bed furthest away) that have formed on their long, straggly runners since last year, so hopefully I'll have enough fruit to make some jam this year.  The assortment of plants you can see on the left are some self-seeded plants from my disastrous cutting patch of last year.  When I have sorted out my back border, I will transplant them into it and see what happens.

This little bird box, made from a coconut and brought home from a holiday in Barbados, has finally been used.  I have loved watching a little wren busying herself with making a nest in it.  Soon, it will be completely obscured from view when my clematis montana flowers.

And here are my first tulips of the year.  These wonderful orange ones have been successful year after year in this pot and I think there are more flowers on them this year than ever.

To spur me on I am going to post every day this week with news from my garden.  I always have grand plans for my outside space but seem to face the same dilemmas each year (not enough time/manpower/money/sunshine... you name it, I'll blame it!)


  1. I,too, have been busy in the garden and I am so sore.Aching legs and back but i am sure it will be worth it.We have only one raised bed bit it is amazing what youcan grow in it.Will be watching your progress this week!

  2. I've been digging out my raised beds today too... and everything hurts!!! But they do look good.

  3. Wow, that was a productive day! I watered a few pots - does that count?

  4. looks fantastic x love those tulips. mine never seem to come back the following year......

  5. Good on you! I know that hurty achey feeling...but it's worth it. You've made great progress and a wise decision.illondog

  6. Love those tulips - such a happy colour! I thought I had a busy day yesterday but I feel quite guilty at my laziness now.

  7. So impressed with your raised beds! And such gorgeous tulips! Ours aren't showing any signs of blooming yet... K x

  8. Wow! You've done loads! We have spent the last two days at the allotment and, like Gina, everything hurts! The sunshine is tempting me to go again today but I think I need a break...........hmmm, maybe sitting in the sunshine in my sewing room in the garden would be more beneficial! ;o)

    Lucy x

  9. Wow, you worked really hard, I wish I could show similar results from my own labours today, clearly I did not work as hard as you.

    Love those tulips, really love those tulips.


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