Saturday, 24 July 2010

Broad beans...

Yesterday I got, amongst other things, broad beans in my vegetable box.  I have had them a couple of times this year already and I have been trying to find the most successful way to use them.  For some reason, I don't really like them on their own as a vegetable on my dinner plate. 

I tried a Jamie Oliver bruschetta thing, but wasn't sure about that so today I have podded them  - a job that I find hugely satisfying.  I love the way the beans are nestled in their velvety pods, it almost seems mean to disturb them.

It is one of those little tasks that you can while away the time doing, allowing your mind to drift into daydreams of other things...

Then I cooked them for 5 minutes in some salted boiling water until just tender then immediately ran them under cold water to stop them from cooking further.  I definitely think it is worth then spending a few minutes more popping them from their skins to enjoy the full flavour.

I am going to make a salad with these - adding some crunchy radish and orange pepper, some mint and coriander,  together with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and some lemon juice.  It is my turn for the family lunch tomorrow so I can see whether or not this is the way forward with broad beans.

How do you like yours?


  1. I like mine as is - but I agree about skinning them. the best way was straight from the bush ... then they were even good raw!

  2. I once made a bean flan/quiche with them in, I can't remember the recipe though!

  3. I love them out of their skins and tossed with some cooked bacon with a little olive oil and some feta cheese.
    Hope you find a recipe you like.

  4. The salad recipe sounds delicious. I would probably use them in a cold pasta salad with maybe some chopped ham etc included.

  5. I totally agree with you about the funny sense of satisfaction you get from podding them then popping them out of their skins :)

    And I agree with Val--I like them just as is (with lots of butter)!

    K x

  6. Nice with pasta, slipped out of their grey inners and with lots of bacon or pancetta and a little ceam or creme fraiche.

    I also made a Sarah Raven broad bean puree to have on bruschetta which I liked - recipe here

  7. Like you, I'm not fond of them on their own. I did try them in a pasta dish recently but it was rather bland and not worth the effort so I won't share the recipe. Your salad idea sounds delicious, though.

  8. broad bean frittata - a little pancetta or smokey bacon if you have it - delicious. or a fabulous broad bean and herby salad - good olive oil and crusty bread.

  9. That sounds delish! I love broad beans - but not raw like Dottycookie! Yak! Lucy x


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