Tuesday, 13 July 2010


My fabric addiction is showing no signs of letting up.  I have even started to forfeit other things just so I can buy more fabric.  It is serious. 

Here is some that I just had to have.

I've been watching from afar as this vibrant collection has been showing up around blogland and when Fabricworm made up a fat quarter bundle, it was the easiest way to buy it without having to decide which ones to get and which ones not to.  I have plans for some cushions to brighten up my sofa in the conservatory.

I had an email from Saints and Pinners letting me know that they had some of this hard-to-track-down Anna Maria Horner Pastry Line voile in stock.  I wasted no time in taking them up on their offer!

When your parcel is so polite, it makes it even harder to resist.

When I visited Kew last week, Mum and I managed to have a quick sneak in to Tikki Patchwork.  There I bought these shot cottons which I will use as the cushion backs for the Tufted Tweets above.

I also restocked up on some Carolyn Gavin Wild Thyme fabrics from Cia's Palette in the green and orange colourway.  I love this fabric, so it seemed a good idea to go for the cream and blue colourways too.

I have lots of ideas but desperately need to prioritise a few things first...


  1. I am a bit like this about wool - even though I am a shocking crocheter!

  2. Oh yummy they are too gorgeous! Especially the Wild Thyme ones... I don't think I would be able to resist either- I am forbidden to buy any more fabric until I use up some that I already have so I think a pair of cushions for the new sofas are in order today. Then I can buy some more - yay!

  3. It seems that you do have a bit of a fabric addiction but it is quite harmless isn't it? I feel this way about paper!!!

  4. You are very naughty indeed to post links to online sources of fabric loveliness ...

  5. You have made some really lovely choices here! I look forward to seeing your creations.

  6. As addictions go it looks a pretty good one!

  7. Pretty fabrics and I so understand. It will stop eventually....when you run out of room!!! Seriously, I need to begin some projects instead of sitting at the computer. Oh..and good luck with your hollyhocks!


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