Friday, 16 July 2010


It's amazing what a little box of dye can do.  This year I have dyed all my garden furniture cushion covers.  They were originally natural colour, but over the last eight years of eating in the garden they had become quite mucky in spite of being washed.  So, I dyed them!  The seat cushions are now dark brown and having got the dying bug, I then dyed the fabric on an even older set of directors chairs that I sometimes use as extra seats.  In my excitement, I forgot to take before photos but I am so pleased how they have turned out and they now have their own spot on the deck.


I hope the NaBloPoMo police don't notice that I missed a day yesterday...


  1. I did that last weekend!!! The seat covers on our dining room tables looked rather tatty, being kind of a creamy beige colour and I dyed them dark brown and they look lovely now.

    Next item on the list - my white bathroom - probably going to be fuchsia very soon!!

  2. Oh I do like a revamp.

    That image of your beans is stunning. Your planty pics would make great postcards

  3. Takes me back to my late teens when I was very into dyeing clothes. I seem to remember purple and black featured a lot!


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