Sunday, 25 July 2010


I've noticed that when I post at the weekends, the topic is invariable food.

Today I made foccacia from the Ottolenghi book and it was good.  Very good.  I would even go as far as saying, it looked just like the foccacia in Ottolenghi.  It takes around 4 hours to make with all the rising times but other than that, it is ridiculously easy.  I topped mine with some sun-roasted tomatoes that were left-over in the fridge.  More tasty summer food!  I will most definitely be making this again.  And again...

(I can't find the recipe online to share unfortunately.)


  1. Ooh it looks yummy! Have you got the new Ottolenghi book, Plenty? It's wonderful. Lucy x

  2. Looks delicious!We were baking flat breads at our home this weekend too.

    There is nothing better than a weekend spent baking.

  3. Oh I've always fancied making foccacia. This book looks wonderful - I'd never heard of it!

  4. Oh it looks amazing! And I bet it is just as tasty as the one in the Ottolenghi shop--probably even more so! K x

  5. That does look delicious - once again I wish we could somehow pipe smells through the internet connection - I bet it smelt wonderful straight from the oven. Looking forward to seeing your babette cushions.

  6. That looks fabulous. I'm off to find my ottolenghi book now.


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