Friday, 24 July 2009

The Beginning of Babette...

Following on from this post, here's a quick update on Babette.

This blanket is constructed like a log-cabin quilt, so working outwards from the main big square, next comes panel #2 which is 2 6-round squares joined together and then sewn onto the 12-round square.

I'm sewing them altogether with the purple yarn (that was a decision that took some time!) and it is one of those little jobs that I find nice and relaxing, similar to the hand-sewing of a quilt.

Next up comes panel #3, which is a mixture of 2- and 4-round squares.

It all looks a bit wonky and maybe I should have blocked each square, but to be honest I've tried blocking cotton before and it wasn't very successful, plus took ages to dry! I'm hoping that it will add to the homespun charm in the end and that the border edging will straighten it out.

Can you see that the middle of the 12-round square is really wonky? I adjusted the pattern slightly to try and straighten things up, which seems to have worked on each individual square. Perhaps as each square gets joined together on every side it may look better. I'm fussy, I know!


  1. It's looking good! At first you would think that it is totally random in the way that it is put together and then it all makes sense when you see the squares next to each other. I like the idea of sewing the squares together. I think I would make a right mess of things if I had to crochet them together! x

  2. I like the variety of block sizes. I'm sure it will square up once you stitch them together.

  3. I have just given you a blog award, please collect it from my blog!

  4. I think it looks super! The colors are fabulous. And I love the idea of different-sized blocks. K x

  5. Those colors are gorgeous! Your babette will be stunning. :-)

  6. I've always preferred the look of a Babette blanket to a traditional granny blanket. Gorgeous colours, as always!


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