Sunday, 12 July 2009

Henri Elephant #2...

Following on from this project, here we are at number 2. Still meeting the funky criteria that was asked for! My long forgotten colour theory screams out at me with the secondary colours of purple, green and orange.

He is sitting patiently in my study waiting for his new owner to be born. Number One Baby Boy is now overdue so hopefully, he'll put in an appearance this week!

Still love all the details on this little project and coincidentally, both Henri's have been made while sitting out in the sun.

Back soon with some extreme crochet...

PS. No rats trapped yet!


  1. Oh, he's lovely! Just right for little hands, too.

  2. I'm sure that baby would hurry along if he knew what was waiting for him! It's lovely.

  3. He's so wonderful! And the colors are fab. Very envious of your crocheting ability! K x

  4. He's wonderful! I am sure the baby will love all the bright colours. I am intrigued about the extreme crochet! x

  5. Love Henri and am looking forward to extreme crochet!


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