Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Typical Brit...

I'm bored, bored, bored of this constant grey, wet and windy weather. Last night I watched the weather forecast just to see if they could get it right... they couldn't.

No2 wanted to go to HMV at Piccadilly Circus today to go in the gaming zone with a couple of his friends. I still think he's too young to be let loose in the West End on his own so I travelled up with them and gave them 2 hours to themselves in the Trocadero while I had a quick walk up to Liberty and a sandwich and coffee on the steps below Eros - with my umbrella up for most of the time. It was dry when I sat down and rather than lose a dry seat, up went my brolly and I sat there for over an hour watching the world go by.

When we got home, wet, chilly and a bit miserable, I got straight under my quilt and carried on with the hand-quilting. I love this bit. I find it so relaxing, working with a bit of a plan about where to start and what order to do it in. (I'll post about the making of this quilt soon). And who'd have thought I'd have wanted to be snuggled up under a quilt in mid-July?

I'm sure it's not allowed, considering this quilt is brand new, not even finished, but Pip obviously couldn't resist its charms and to be honest, he is a lovely hot water bottle! I think he was lonely, having been left home alone all day.

As the end is in sight for this quilt, I have been choosing fabrics for the next one. My two sisters have asked me to make a quilt for each of my nieces (3 altogether) and so my mind is buzzing with colourways and patterns.

I have just discovered Saints and Pinners and ordered 4 fabrics late on Sunday night. They came today! Now that's what I call service. They have a blog too.

Almost too nice to open... and with a friendly note enclosed!

These fabrics are actually for quilt #1 and #2... I think! I've ordered some more from eQuilter and they should be here soon - mostly sale fabrics too!

At least the weather keeps me indoors a-sewing and a-crocheting...


  1. I just love your instinct for colour..

  2. Two small boys and I are fed op of the miserable weather too.

    Thanks for the S&P link too - their stuff looks lovely!

  3. It's looking better here today - hope it is there too. I've given upn listening to the weather!

    Your fabric choices are fabulous. I really enjoy hand sewing the inding on a quilt - I've nearly finished a top so will have this pleasure soon I hope!

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  5. Love those colours...and Pippin looking impossibly handsome! A friend who's very 'in to the weather' informs me that August will be summer, truly! I wait with baited breath.
    The S&P link is great - thank you!
    D x

  6. I don't so much mind the rain - I just hate humidity! I bet your son had a great time with his friends. I'm at a loss as to what to do with mine for the next 6 weeks! I may have to take mine into Liberty's with me! I am going to have a look at the fabric link now. Pip looks so content with his head on your quilt. x

  7. Very impressed with those fabric choices and looking forward to seeing them in a quilt with a puppy sleeping on it...

  8. Does Pip know just how cute he is? Lovely fabrics! You are a hand-quilter? Me too!

  9. Your fabrics look gorgeous - the colours on your quilt are wonderful.

  10. The weather is dreadful indeed. I wonder if the summer is over already... surely not?!! Love the fabrics you chose, quilting is next on my list of things to learn, but I already take up so much space with all my artsy crafty stuff, I might get a telling off! Looking forward to seeing it all finished.

  11. Oh such lovely fabrics (you do have such an amazing eye). And such a dangerous website!

    Pip looks so cute on the quilt. Maybe he needs one of his own? My mum's greyhound Bryn gets tucked up under his very own quilt (made by my grandma) every night during the winter!

    K x


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