Saturday, 10 September 2011


...of a cutting garden of my own.

This is my vase of the most wonderfully dramatic flowers I came home with from my day at Green & Gorgeous on Wednesday.  Ali and I spent a fabulous, if not a bit chilly, day learning all about the secrets to growing a cutting garden.  We took cuttings to bring home.

These pelargoniums smelled of Turkish delight. Seriously.  Just like it.
And we sowed seeds that Rachel had collected from the spent flowers of this season.  She said that the cornflowers were speedy germinators and she was right, just two days on my kitchen windowsill and they are showing signs of success.

This is a vase of flowers I picked from my garden on Thursday, from where I threw a meadow seed mix earlier in the year on the patch that was trashed from the chicken run.

Next year I'm hoping to have more than two cornflowers and now know the trick to getting them to have nice straight stems and not the curly ones I seem to have grown.

There is much planning and planting to be done...


  1. Thought of you this afternoon - we visited the dahlia garden at Anglesey Abbey and I wished I had a pair of secateurs!

  2. oooh lovely, but come on you need to share the tip I have some Very curly stemmed flowers.....

  3. oh yes i am with driftwood, what is the trick to straight stems? lovely flower photos by the way.

  4. That's a lovely bright bunch of flowers. Good luck with your cuttings and seedlings.
    Anne xx

  5. I spent yesterday hacking, slashing and digging in an attempt to make room for my big ideas. We we'll see how it goes....
    In the meantime, I will nurse my aching back and admire my cornflower seedlings (she wasn't kidding when she said they germinate fast!).

  6. So much loveliness! Yes, I am a huge believer that everyone needs a cutting garden. (Have you placed your rose order yet??)

  7. A cutting garden sounds wonderful. And what's the secret to avoiding curly stemmed cornflowers?


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