Thursday, 31 May 2012


The rain came with a vengeance late yesterday afternoon. It fell so hard it bounced. I hoped it would bounce right back into the earth and judging by the greenness this morning, I would say it certainly did.

Within minutes of it falling, the sun was back out giving the garden that bejewelled look that I so love to capture.

My Precious Love roses are out and are looking and smelling divine. I'm wondering why I've never thought to have roses in my garden before. Idiot.

The irises took a bit of a battering but I'm relieved to see they have recovered their regal poise this morning.

My sweet peas have now dried off and I have picked my first small posy.

Combined with some mint and peppermint in a tiny tin, their beauty is the best start to the day.


  1. What a wonderful post to wake up to :D

    I plant up a big tub of sweet peas most summers. They have a teepee to climb and do quite well. But oh to have a cutting patch to grow them in!

  2. The rain missed us yesterday. Only thunder here. So disappointing, as I was hoping to have a day off from watering the allotment! And I love your new header! K x

  3. I was in London yesterday but in Crouch End/Holloway - no rain. Torrential at home in Oxford, I dodged it all completely!

  4. Lovely and bright and fresh! Those raindrops make everything look so zingy!

  5. Stunning pictures Tracy, you can tell that you enjoy capturing those jewel-like drops. It was just what the garden needed but crikey wasn't it a heavy downpour? Amy and I were driving home through Hertford and the road was completely flooded (which I found rather perturbing but she thought most exciting!) Your little tin of nosegay flowers is perfect x

  6. What an amazing sweet pea photograph. Splendid :)

  7. Beautiful photograps...good show...354 extra points.


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