Sunday, 3 February 2008

My Weekend...

In spite of being full of a cold, I've actually managed to have an ok weekend. No2 has been at his Dad's, so it's been quite productive. It's a shame my nose is so blocked up, I can't really smell my lovely, delicate paperwhite narcissi that are along my conservatory windowsill...

Yesterday I made a stained glass suncatcher for a 60th birthday present. It is a pansy and I am photo-less because I'm waiting for a chain delivery so can't hang it up to photograph it. My stained glass has been put on the back-burner for a while as my 'studio' is in the garage and it's sooo cold out there at the moment, I've been avoiding it! However, there is a birthday party looming, so I wrapped up and managed to make it in a few hours.

This morning after cleaning out the chickens, I planted some garlic. This year I'm trying Solent White. My garlic last year was a success too, I've still got loads to see me through til this year's harvest. In a couple of weeks I'll be able to get cracking at sowing loads of seeds and my seed potatoes should be here too. I managed to get some International Kidney, which is the Jersey Royal, I couldn't get them last year (probably left it too late...), but this year I'm much more ahead of myself.

This afternoon I started sewing my quilt pieces. I laid them all out on the floor - it was hard! I really struggle to do random! I had 18 different fabrics and although it sounds alot, it was difficult getting them right. Also, because I had such a variety of colours, it was tricky getting it balanced. I think I'm happy with! I've just got to sew together the main rows for the middle of the quilt and then I can start the border. I'm really looking forward to doing the hand-quilting, but I've got to decide about the backing fabric (and buy it!) yet...

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post. It's been a difficult week, bringing back many painful memories. I have been helping Jake's Mum with his funeral arrangements. I was glad to help. He is going to be buried near Tom, which I think is a lovely idea and was requested by Jake's Dad, who I don't know. The funeral is on Thursday and I know it is going to be very emotional as there will be many similarities to Tom's funeral, which still feels so fresh in my mind. It was a beautiful, beautiful day in spite of it being terribly sad. Strangely enough, I was reading one of the weekend-paper magazines earlier and there was an article about the owner of the company we used for Tom's coffin. I couldn't bear to have a huge, heavy wooden one so I opted for a natural looking bamboo basket one. It was perfect, comforting in a strange way and just seemed so right for Tom. Bizarrely, the owner has been awarded for the Best Green Coffin Manufacturer in the UK by the Natural Death Centre - can you even imagine that there is such an award?!


  1. That narcissi is lovely isn't it? I've always wanted to have a go at stained glass - is it horribly difficult? Can't wait to see the quilt.

    Will be thinking of you (and Luke's family) on Thursday. x

  2. hope you are feeling better soon, it sounds like you had a good weekend, I'd love to see some of your stained glass sometime. and looking forward to seeing the progress with the quilt.
    take care of yourself, we'll be thinking of you on Thursday.

  3. I'm sure your support is an enormous comfort to Jake's Mum, although it must be hard for you in many ways.

    Last time I tried garlic, it just rotted in the ground, so I've given up.

  4. Lovely narcissi! Here in Norway it's not possible to get plants until later in the spring :o( I'm wanting some now! Looking forward to seeing your quilt. Hope you are feeling better...And still thinking of you all and Jake's family ((HUGS))

  5. I am excited you have the quilting obsession too! I will be putting pictures of mine up when it is finished - the goal to finish is the end of February.

    Will be thinking of you at the funeral on Thursday.


  6. Your flowers look gorgeous, and I can't wait to see photos of your stained glass and quilt too.
    Sending you warm wishes for thursday, you and Jakes' Mum will be in my thoughts
    anna x

  7. Your paper white narcissi is so beautiful and delicate........... so fragile. A lovely, lovely photo.

  8. Oh God, I just realised I called Jake 'Luke' ... DOH - I'm so sorry. The sentiment is very much genuine, even if I can't get the name right. x

  9. Looking forward to seeing your quilt - I've been trying to track down a cutter like yours but they are sold out locally.

    I'll be thinking of you, and of Jake's family, on Thursday.

  10. Be kind to yourself this week. The support that you are giving to Jake's family will mean everything to them but will be very draining for you. I am sure that Tom will feel very close by on Thursday as you say farewell to his friend.


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