Monday, 11 February 2008

Right place, right time...

After what was a fairly stressful week, Friday afternoon had No2 and myself heading off for a weekend away to stay with some friends in Shropshire. We hadn't seen them for about 3 or even 4 years so it was a visit long overdue.

Even with a busy M1, we arrived just over 3 hours later. We decided that the M6 Toll is our favourite road, in spite of it costing £4.50! On our arrival were rewarded with a delicious homemade lasagne...

Saturday morning had us out for breakfast in Much Wenlock, where I was delighted to find a little wool shop called Ippikin. The owner made some lovely felted bags and so I bought a Rowan Felted Projects book with some of the patterns in it. So, well fed and ready for action we headed for Carding Mill Valley for a bracing, hilly walk.
It was a beautiful day and we started at the bottom of the valley and followed the waterfall up to to the top.

It was quite a climb and our legs felt very jelly-like nearing the top, where we were greeted by some friendly sheep!

The views were stunning...

The walk back down was just as tricky in some places and mountain sheep we most definitely aren't!! Still, the Tea Room was a welcome lure with hot chocolate, scones and flapjacks.
We were all famished and spent a leisurely evening eating, drinking and sharing holiday photos. Oh, and yawning! All that fresh air certainly blew away the cobwebs...
I couldn't resist buying this bottle of wine to take with us... was the egg thing! Oh, and it was on special offer in Waitrose... and it wasn't bad either!

Thank you for your kind comments over the last couple of weeks. All your support was very appreciated...


  1. Beautiful photos - thank you for sharing them with us. And I had a laugh at the wine label too.

    Can't wait to see your felted bag project now!

    Take care. x

  2. Gorgeous place--and captured so beautifully by you! That egg label is a kick! LOL! Can't wait to see your project too. Happy week ((HUGS))

  3. looks like that weekend away was just what you needed, looking forward to seeing all your new projects. x

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend. And I bought the same wine recently (for the label of course!)

  5. That is a lovely spot.

    And I agree about the M6 toll road - what a revelation - worth every penny!


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