Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Pansy suncatcher...

My chain order arrived this morning, so here's a photo of the suncatcher I made at the weekend.

I've had real difficulty sourcing suitable chain for hanging my suncatchers. The one we used in the States was a really nice weight, but I've had to go for jewellery chain here because everything else was too heavy, but I do think it's a bit too lightweight and I'm hoping it won't break! The supplier I found eventually has copper and gun-metal as well as silver colour, which is good because then I can use different patinas on the soldering. I used black patina on this pansy, which I think works really well.

If anyone knows of somewhere that sells decorative chain, do let me know!

My next glass project is a dragonfly (surprise, surprise!). No2 chose some wonderful glass that suggests the delicate veining on the wings, but I'll probably use some copper wire to pick out some of the veining too. He quite enjoys our little forays into the glass shop and I'm more than happy to let him pick out the glass - the colours are so tempting. We bought lots of turquoises and greens this time and some yellow to pick out the centre of the pansy.

I also just had delivered a clever little tool for cutting circles out of glass which should come in handy with this project as it has mosaic border at the bottom. I just have to wrap up warm and face the freezer that is my garage again...


  1. Oh how pretty your flower is! I love it! I definitely want to try stained glass making, but the only place that does it near me is about 20 miles away and courses start at 7pm-I wouldn't be able to get there in time. I am campaigning for the local college to do it though!Good luck with the dragonfly, I bet it will look beautiful x

  2. What a beautiful pansy - so lovely. Gosh, but you are talented. x

  3. it's really beautiful - can't wait to see the dragonfly!

  4. That is just gorgeous. I love the shading on the purple parts - is the glass naturally like that or have you painted it? Really lovely.

  5. OOOh! Hello, just found you via domesticali ... I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and your stained glass bunting inspired me to finally register on a stained glass course, something i've been intending to do for the last 10 years! I'm so glad I found you again. I started the stained glass course a few weeks ago, but finding it quite difficult so far .. easy in mind, hard in practice, especially when used to handling soft fabric.


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