Monday, 27 June 2011

My first quilt-a-long…

I’ve been watching with interest and growing curiosity about the Farmer’s Wife QAL that is popping up all over Blogland.  You know how it is, when you’re on a finishing up marathon.  Something catches your eye and before you know it, you’re in!  I happened to spot the book in a fabric shop last week and I have to confess that judging by the cover, I wouldn’t have normally given it a second glance, but having seen some of the modern interpretations in the Flickr group I knew it didn’t have to be in any way traditional.  The following morning I went on to Amazon to buy the book and decided on a whim to download the Kindle version for instant gratification. 

I then spent a good while reading through the Flickr group discussion and I was well and truly hooked.  Two blocks a week sounds manageable and I am hoping that by doing perhaps some of the easier ones first, I could catch up.

Until this morning, I had no idea what fabrics to use but I’d seen a comment on the Fat Quarterly blog about using whatever you felt like on the day and thought that sounded like the way to go.  Looking in one of my fabric boxes, I found an unopened bag of these Momo Wonderland fat quarters and made an instant decision to use them.  Once they have gone, there is plenty in my stash that will fit in with them, I think.


FWQAL starter fabrics


Then I found myself on Carla’s blog reading her first post for the QAL and before I knew it, the first block I was making had 51 pieces to it! In a 6” block!!!

In spite of having made probably 10 quilts to date, I have never made a half square triangle!  Throwing myself in at the deep end, I set about making 24 1” square hst’s, carefully following Carla’s instructions.


HST constructionHST'sTrimming HST's

Tiny HST'sTiny HST's joined together


Am I pleased? I’ll say! I don’t know exactly how long it took me but I do know that I ate lunch somewhere in the middle.


FWQAL Block 1


Before I knew it, the second one had been made as if by magic! 


FWQAL Block 2


Oh, and while I was busy, the postman delivered the backing and batting for my Babette quilt so it’s back to the UFO’s for the rest of the week.


  1. on no... not you too... I'm trying to resist this one. I know I'm going to get behind in the summer and it'll sit in my room forever...

    You evil person!

    (that first block? sooooo perfect!)

  2. Ooh I have managed somehow to not read anything about this book but after seeing your gorgeous blocks I'm off to have a sneaky peak on Amazon! Not that I need any more distractions!

  3. I shall content myself with watching yours grow. I have neither the patient nor the skill :-)

  4. I am impressed with your starter block! I have made two already, but very simple ones - I will have to go and look at Carla's blog - thank you for posting the link. I am also hoping to stash bust with mine - it'll be interesting to see how they all turn out!

    Pomona x

  5. Loved the look of the quilt and the idea of the book and a 'quilt a long'. Already ordered the book from Amazon. Going to see if 3 quilting friends fancy joining in. Might have to wait until Sept when our group starts again, to start our quilts. A real excuse to do some shopping at the NEC Quilt Festival in August.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on this quilt. One day when I have space to leave my sewing machine out, I might have a crack at making a quilt.
    Anne xx

  7. wow - you and quilting are made for each other - these are stunning! One day I will conquer my sewing fears and dip my toe in the quilty water! Until then, like Val I'll love watching your projects grow and blossom into beautiful quilts.

  8. Wow! Looking forward to following your KAL progress. K x

  9. Ooops! I meant QAL. Obviously spending too much time knitting and not enough time quilting! K x

  10. wow, your cut glass looks awesome, I totally watched mine shrink near the end! your skills are inspiring!


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