Thursday, 23 June 2011

Adventures in quilting…

Following on from my last post, the maths issue has been resolved and I have finished the quilt top. I filled in the gaps with 2” squares in rows, columns or blocks as necessary.  I am now waiting for the backing to arrive so I can get to quilting it.


Arcadia quilt top

terrible picture, sorry!

The inspiration behind this quilt came from the Babette blanket that I failed to finish and turned into cushions instead.  I loved the way the blocks of blocks were created and I knew it would be an amazing quilt.  I think it is a slightly odd size, but it will fit nicely on top of the small double bed I have in my spare room.  Also, it is not the whole of the Babette pattern. I was restricted by the fact that I only had the one jelly roll of these fabrics (now out of print, Arcadia by Moda), to which I added about 1/4 m of five plains.  Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll have a bash at the whole thing.  I certainly love it enough to make again.

Ali’s post the other day has struck a real chord with me and I have many reasons for not blogging as much of late and I am determined to try and get back into the rhythm of it.  The first step towards this is that I have moved my laptop onto the desk beside my sewing machine.  I love spending time in my workroom and figured that I could come in here and do more than just sewing.  Also, my laptop is absolutely on its last legs and I get incredibly frustrated at the length of time it takes to do anything now other that surf the ‘net.  At least I can multi-task while it catches up with itself.  I am desperate to buy a new one… and now we are talking contracts at OUP, I may be able to fulfil my dream and buy one of these.

There has been lots of sewing going on around here lately as I seem to be getting my creative mojo back again.  Like Monica, I am on a UFO kick and am trying to get round to finishing lots of projects that have been laying around in various states of progress for far too long.  Perhaps the more frequent blogging will spur me on, although it was part of the show and tell thing of blogging that seemed to be getting a bad press that was putting me off a bit.  I don’t know why because I still love to see what everyone is up to and it keeps me inspired on a daily basis.

Right, back to the machine while I wait an age for my crusty old laptop to upload this post!


  1. Please continue to show and tell to your heart's content and stuff what the moaners say. I love seeing what you've been up to - you inspire me to try new things and even if I'll never complete half of the things I see on your blog and say "Oh, I must have a go at that", I still love looking at them.

    Your Babette quilt is glorious. I love it.

  2. hey it's YOUR blog and you can do what you want with it!

    If people don't like it they can ... off. That's my view anyway.

    THAT quilt is gorgeous!!! oh my oh my... you carry on showing us stuff please!

  3. The quilt top is gorgeous so please do continue to show and tell. I wasn't aware it was a problem anyway but these things always go right over my head!

  4. How fabulous! And I love seeing what you're making so please don't stop showing and telling!

    Sadly I'm getting nowhere with my simple quilt top or my UFOs. Bah.

    K x

  5. I love seeing what your're making and your quilt is looking wonderful.
    Anne xx

  6. Oh wow it is incredibly beautiful.

    I find myself back on Facebook again and must look for you there ..

  7. What a stunning quilt! And people who don't like bloggy show-and-tell can stop reading blogs, for pete's sake!

  8. I was totally oblivious that show and tell was a bloggy faux pas. Isn't that the whole point of blogging? Especially things as glorious as your quilt.

    And yes, if the pennies will stretch to it, I'd thoroughly recommend the imac - come over to the Apple dark side - you won't regret it! Everything looks so much glorious on one of their gorgeous screens.

    Monica's got me beavering away at the UFOs too. Sadly not much to show yet...


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