Friday, 1 October 2010

Looking the other way...

There is nothing like a project gone wrong to make me get my teeth into another project.  It sits in the other room, taunting me, but I justify the thoughts in my head by making false priorities.  In this case, my last Babette cushion was the lucky winner of my time and affection!  I even had some company while I was mastering my avoidance tactics.

For the back of this one I decided to use all the leftover yarn up and just go with it, changing colour wherever it ended rather than making uniform stripes.  The wide stripes were made from whole balls that I had left.

Even if that piece of yarn only yielded 3 or 4 stitches, I embraced it!

I put my button fastening at the bottom this time so as not to detract from the randomness of the back.


So here it is.  I really like this one - it's brighter than the other one.  Or so it seems, maybe that zingy red block at the top right makes it appear brighter.

My sofa is well on its way to being permanently brightened up.  It looks very enticing on a wet, grey day and so I think I may well spend a fair bit of time on it today.  Of course, by just sitting here writing this post I am procrastinating about writing about what I really ought to be working on today. And Blogger has been exceptionally slow in uploading my photos...

I do love this pattern and who knows, one day I may get to find a suitable yarn to make a blanket.  Probably should think about finishing this one first though...


  1. The cushion is gorgeous, and I love the way you did the back. The whole sofa is shaping up so nicely.

    K x

  2. All of the cushions are lovely grouped together and make a wonderful splash of colour on this grey and miserable day. x

  3. I love it! It looks fantastic, and the back is so original, such a great idea!

  4. Such pretty cushions and they really do brighten up a grey day!

  5. Your sofa looks very enticing with all those beautiful cushions

  6. Oh my what a beautiful cushion - both the front and the back. I love those random stripes! Your sofa looks positively zingy.

    (Love the new look of the blog too, by the way ) :) x

  7. your latest Babette is beautiful (I'm not surprised it tempted you away from the roman blind) even the back is gorgeous - I love the randomness. It's lovely to be catching up with you - I do love your new chicken ladies, they're very pretty. We're thinking of adding 2 new ladies to our little flock - I'll have to pick your brains for some good tips on introducing new chickies.

  8. The cushions are of course beautiful - you are as I have said before the Queen of gorgeous colour combinations.

    Oh ripple how you taunt so many of us...

  9. Your new cushion is lovely. (I'm now looking at the ones on our sofas and they're very boring in comparison).

  10. I just love the back of your cushion and think I will use your idea (if that's alright?) to do a front of a cushion. It's too nice not too. It's nice to see something like that, because my mind wants to make it all even and symetrical. Yet it works very well. And let's face it we all have odd bits of yarn. So thanks for that idea.


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