Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Beyond the yurt...

...there are places to revisit.  This time Oxwich Bay on The Gower.  Saturday morning was windy and so the perfect day for flying a kite.

We had to make do with some more sedate beach-combing.  When I was small, every Sunday my Dad would go to the Shellfish Stall and bring home pints of shellfish for tea.  I used to love peeling the prawns and pop them straight into my mouth.  I could never bring myself to eat a winkle but I would pick them out with a pin for my Dad to eat, fascinated at the way they spiralled out of their shell.

The tide had left empty rock pools with wonderful stripes of sand...

...and seaweed clinging to the rocks.

It had exposed heart-shaped stones...

...that I was unable to resist embellishing!

The sea wall by the hotel where we warmed ourselves up with a large latte was covered in Maidenhair ferns.  I am endlessly fascinated by the way they grow out of seemingly nothing.

* * * * *

On Sunday, we made a flying visit to Castle Carreg Cennen, which looked magnificent as ever.

Just enough time for a quiet sit down to take in its beauty before heading back to real life!


  1. what beautiful photos! lovely to see it was sunny too!

  2. Oh the beach-combing pictures are beautiful! K x

  3. I feel very peaceful looking at these photos...

  4. Your photographs are lovely. Now I'm hankering after a trip to the beach.

  5. Absolutely beautiful photos :) x

  6. what great photos! I love what you did with the heart rock.


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