Monday, 25 October 2010

October sun...

It's been a busy weekend:  kitchen cupboards have been sorted out and family has been fed and watered!

There have been glorious blue skies and the morning sun makes the fence round the decking steam from the dew that has collected there overnight.

I am still quite obsessed with capturing droplets on camera - always looking for that twinkle to be recorded forever.

There are quite a few bunches of grapes on my vines but they are not particularly sweet and despite their small size, are full of pips!

I have bought No2 a new game for his X-box with the promise of some serious help in the garden this week while he's off for half term.  I need to bring the hens up nearer the house again for the winter and there is lots of tidying up to do around the rest of the garden.

I bought these mini cyclamen at the nursery and they have replaced the faded geraniums outside the back door.

I hope the sun continues to shine, for a few more days at least, so I can get to work outside.  Today, though, I need to recover from the busy weekend...  some gentle sewing and rippling, I think.


  1. Amazing photography! I like catching raindrops on camera too - I love how it makes the grass sparkle in the morning. It never comes out on camera quite right for me though!

  2. I agree with Terrie, amazing photography :-)

    I've been reading some more of your posts and I've been inpressed by the beautiful photos, do you mind me asking what camera you use?

    I'm going to replace mine soon, so I'm checking out others cameras.

    I liked the post where you worked out that by doing a couple of rows each night of your blanket it would be 31 inches added - I must do the same, I need to get my blanket to grow!

    A x

  3. Great photos. The cyclamen adds a welcome splash of colour. My geraniums have just finished now too and I will need to replace them with a winter flowering plant.

  4. gorgeous photos xxxx

    hope you get lots done in your garden

  5. The photos are so beautiful.

    Remember what I said ages ago about using your photos for your book? I really think you should.


  6. gorgeous!

    and isn't it cold suddenly????m

  7. Oh what incredible photographs! Be sure to wrap up warm in the garden. K x

  8. Oh what incredible photographs! Be sure to wrap up warm in the garden. K x

  9. great photos.. the steam as the sun warms up the frost i love. great bed for pip too, looks wonderfully cozy for him. hope the sun comes out for you so you can get in the garden.x


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