Sunday, 3 October 2010

In my head...

This Sunday morning finds me still in bed, with my laptop and notes and other books strewn across my blanket, trying to get down on paper What happens when we grieve.  My head is full of things I want to get down coupled with other thoughts and ideas that insist on barging in on my concentration.  So, in another act of procrastination, I thought why not give them their own space...

  • it seems that unlike when I was writing assignments for my abandoned course 2 years ago, I am not happy sitting at the kitchen table writing.  Perhaps it is the nature of what I am writing that requires a much more comfortable environment.  Read the sofa or, as is today, bed! 

  • I am obsessed with the word count function when I really needn't be!

  • I keep thinking back to a game we played on holiday when we had to go round the table and tell everyone one thing that you liked about them and one thing that you didn't like about them.  No2 said that he liked me because I was safe.  I am still basking in this compliment!

  • I watched him having his haircut on Thursday and I was suddenly struck by the fact that there he was, having what seemed to be a fun conversation with the hairdresser, growing up before my very eyes.

  • there is a large box of tulip bulbs in my garage to be planted.  I will leave it til November at least, partly because there are other things that I should be concentrating on at the moment but mainly because that is the best time to plant them.  I got them from here but I will be giving the shout, as promised, when the bulbs go on special offer in M & S!

  • I am still marvelling at the young divers I watched yesterday at the diving competition in Southampton that my nephew took part in.  It was his first one and we were so proud of him.  I am completely useless in the swimming department and I think that I could no more dive (or fall!) off a diving board than chop my own leg off!  But, oh, how I'd love to fall gracefully through the air...

  • I am deciding if tomorrow should be the day that I get my act together and get back to walking Pippin first thing in the morning rather than put it off all day...  It certainly used to energise me and set me up for the day.

  • I am cross because it seems that the left-click on my laptop is running out of steam.  No amount of a bashing it makes it work sometimes... Hmmm, that may explain things...

  • Right, one more cup of coffee and I'll get back to the job in hand.  Happy Sunday!


  1. I think your nephew is brave to even stand on the diving board let alone jump from it!!! I hope that you manage to get your thoughts down on paper. Maybe it is because you don't really want to think about it that your mind is going off elsewhere! I think another cup of coffee is a good idea. I may join you! x

  2. I understand entirely your point about your son chatting with the hairdresser. I am always amazed when I watch my son hold a conversation with someone. He meets their eye, laughs in the right places and makes interesting contributions.

    Those are the moments that are completely unremarkable but they make you realise how redundant you are becoming as they take charge of their lives. It's a beautiful thing for a parent to see and it strikes your heart with pride.

  3. I'm so impressed with anyone who can dive. I had to abandon my final lifeguard exam because I was too scared jump off the chair!

    K x

  4. gosh there is a whole world of words out there I don't know....

    hope you found the focus to start writing, it must be very hard, but it will be so worthwhile xoxo

  5. Ooh ooh - that diving board is about two miles from our house! If I'd known I'd have asked you in for tea and a flapjack.

    Having seen the height of those boards first-hand I thoroughly admire your nephew's nerve!


  6. Totally terrified at the thought of diving! And my head is in too much of a muddle at the moment to produce any kind of coherent list like you :o(

    Don't even know what I'm going to do in the next 5 minutes!

    Lucy x


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