Tuesday, 26 October 2010

October rain...

Hmmm, so typically, this morning it is raining and my garden plans have been temporarily (I hope) thwarted.  Strangely, No2 has yet to emerge from his bedroom too.  Funny that, when I mentioned that we'd make a start today...

So I thought you might like to see the new bed I made for Pip last week.  I am in the process of having a major sort out at home and in the process, came across a big bag of fleece that I think I bought at a Knitting and Stitchery show quite a few years ago.  It turned out, I had already cut out the 3 pieces needed to make a simple Oxford-style cushion cover to fit in his basket.

I always use these really cheap (£2.59!) duvets from Ikea for his bed.  They last a couple of washes and I don't mind throwing them away when they are too dog-eared.  (Sorry!)  To make his new cushion really comfy, this time I splashed out and used two together.  The convenient thing is that if you fold them into four, they fit perfectly in his basket.  I tied them together using some embroidery thread so they keep their shape as he does like a fidget about.

As I had a couple of hours to kill, I thought he might like to know that his new cushion was, indeed, his.  Of course, he can read!  I raided my scrap drawer and used some bondaweb to cut out his name.

I then used a narrow zigzag stitch to complete the applique.

I used the same stitch to make the Oxford-style edge to the cover and lazily kept the lime green thread in the machine!

Now he knows his place and it is making everyone smile when they notice it.

Look at him, all soppy.  He is a ridiculous dog!  He takes that toy everywhere with him.

Ah, well... I think it may have stopped raining...


  1. It's raining here too - typical for half term! You have the most gorgeous dog there and he's a very lucky dog too! I love the bed!

  2. that is such a cute dog, the face he's got on him!!! Love the pillow, I'll definitely be making one of those when I have a pet!

  3. Pip's even sitting to one side so that he can show his name to us!!! Hasn't stopped raining here today. Such a contrast to yesterday.

  4. Bryn would be very envious of his cushion! K x

  5. Oh Pip is a lucky boy! lovely cushion and such a cute face on him, I bet he gets away with alsorts!

  6. Ah, such a lucky pup. I'd rather like a soft snuggly cushion with my name on too.

  7. What a lucky dog, a very smart pillow for one cute looking dog!

  8. What a lovely bed and what a lucky dog to get Amy Butler fabrics!!! ;o)

  9. OOOH! bless him !! what a lovelly bed. We are busy 'sorting' too ... seems the more you sort, the more needs sorting! argh! xx

  10. He's lovely and looks thoroughly deserving of a named cushion!
    Rain in half term should be banned.

  11. It's perfect! Pip looks very happy and comfy, too! Been saying to Walter I must make him a new bed, and re-fashion an old blanket. I think you've inspired me to get on with it!

  12. I love this one! Always use the cheap pillows from the same company for the dog beds :-)


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