Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Colourful Kew...

At last, Kew was showing off its autumn colour!  It looked hugely different from when Kristina and I visited last month.

We couldn't resist tramping through the leaves!

Japanese anemones always signify autumn to me too.  I particularly love the pink ones.

We obviously wandered off piste this time as we discovered things we had not seen before.  Most memorable, these wonderful willow sculptures by Tom Hare.


Lotus seed head

Horse chestnut

 Star anise


Aren't they stunning? 


  1. The willow sculptures are mind blowing. So gorgeous!

  2. oh wow, those sculptures are amazing!! I love it when artists play with proportions...

  3. I love those sculptures, they're simply brilliant! but not too moderny if you know what i mean, just so pretty!

  4. Oh you took such fab pictures! And it turns out he did indeed do the sculptures at Wisley, too.

    K x

  5. oh, I LOVE the honesty one. How wonderful! Are they temporary? I'm going to Kew next week so I'll have to hunt them out.

  6. Stunning! I love the sculptures and the colour of those leaves! Amazing =]

  7. They are divine... I fancy the star anise for my own back yard!

  8. Kew looks so beautiful in autumn colours and those sculptures are fab! I'm glad you kicked through the leaves - everyone should do a little skipping through autumn leaves each year as an antidote to all the pressures of being a grown-up!


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